Thursday, January 17, 2008

I was so hot and sweaty last night

Last night I think I had the best treadmill workout ever. I went to the Painesville Y, which is actually pretty darned fancy with the walrus and the 4 children of the corn. The boys were signed up for dodgeball and the girls were going to art. It was supposed to give me and the walrus about an hour to workout, but there was no art and the boys only had dodgeball for 45 minutes.

The plan then changed and in hindsight for the better. I rushed to the locker room to change into my running gear and hit the treadmill while the boys played dodgeball and the walrus watched the girls play in the jungle gym room. I was pumped.

Now these treadmills are fancy. They have a digital screen and you can watch tv on it, hook up an ipod and more I don't even know about. I went for the quickstart and used the up arrow to set my speed and turned on my ipod playlist. Methods of Mayhem started pumping Get Naked and I started running. I did a 10 minute warm-up and then every 2 minutes I increased my speed 2mph for about 8 minutes and then increased again 2mph every 4 minutes until I had pumped out another 12 minutes. I was running better than ever and although it was humid I wasn't going to quit. I could see it was time to go. The kids were all done. I had to cool-down though and I dropped my speed to an easy trot for 5 minutes before getting off and running to the locker room to clean up and head home.

10 warm-up at 6 mph
2 mph increases every 2 minutes up to 6.8 mph
2 mph increase every 4 minutes up to 7.4 mph
5 minute cool down at 5 mph

RESULT: The best HOT sweaty workout EVER!!!

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